F.A.Q.-Topwheel Self-Balancing Unicycle

1.How far and how fast can I ride the Topwheel self balancing electric unicycle?

You can ride self-balancing unicycle for approximately 15km, at 16 km per hour. As with hybrid cars, the battery recaptures energy when going downhill or slowing down.

2.What kind of battery is in the Self-balancing Unicycle?

Self-balancing Unicycle use  a lithium-ion battery. The capacity of E3′s battery is 80Wh.The capacity of E5′s battery is 132Wh.

3.Has the Topwheel Self-balancing Unicycle passed the CE certification?

The Topwheel Self-balancing Unicycle has passed the CE certification.

4.Is there a minimum age one has to be to ride the Topwheel Self-balancing Unicycle?

We strongly recommend that children under the age of 15 do not use the Topwheel Self balancing Unicycle. Children 15 and up should use the Topwheel only with adult supervision.

5.Is there a weight limitation?

The maximum capacity is 265 lbs(120kg).

6.Is it legal in my country?

We recommend all consumers to check the rules and regulations of transportation devices of their country. For more detailed information please check with your local government transportation department.

7.How safe is it?

As with any transportation device, riders must use proper safety precautions. All riders should wear sneakers and approved helmet and other safety gear such as knee pads when operating the Bringtway self balancing electric unicycle. Always ride under control at a speed that is safe for you and those around you. Please consult the manual for additional safety information.

8.On what type of terrain can I ride the TopwheelSelf-balancing Unicycle?

The Topwheel Self-balancing Unicycle is highly maneuverable and allows you to easily navigate over rough pavement and around obstacles. However, to prevent the loss of traction, you must always be careful when riding and learn to identify and avoid slippery, wet surfaces, steep slopes and loose materials or objects.

9.Where can I ride my Topwheel Self-balancing Unicycle?

Topwheel Self-balancing Unicycle enthusiasts all over the world are enjoying riding to work, around campus, tourist destinations, golf courses, malls, airports and skate parks.

10.Is there a warranty?

The Topwheel Self balancing Unicycle has a 6-months warranty.

11.Is there a life expectancy for the Topwheel Self-balancing Unicycle?

The Topwheel self-balancing Unicycle battery lasts for over 1000 cycles.

12.Where is the Topwheel Self-balancing Unicycle developed and manufactured?

The Topwheel Self-balancing Unicycle was developed by inventor in China. It is manufactured in China,too.

13.Can the battery be replaced?

The battery of the Topwheel Self-balancing Unicycle can be repalced.

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