1. Preparation

First time to drive, you must read the user manual to receive professional training. To do a safety drive, please wear helmet and knee protect.

2. Site for Use

This vehicle is only applicable to: elevator type office buildings, airports, high-speed rail station, garden tour, personal entertainment, indoor area, large area of personal tour entertainment; it is forbidden and very dangerous to drive in the outdoor motorways.

3. Training before Driving

All the staff must be approved by the professional training and guidance to drive independently. Personnel for training protection just need to take good control of the gravity of the main rod body to stabilize the vehicle. First time users should first learn how to keep the vehicle static, then slowly forward and rewind with preferably two stagger. This will be helpful to control the gravity change. Advanced users can drive freely.

4. The Principle of the Balance Vehicle

The balance of the vehicle is controlled by the coordination of the body and has certain danger. Please drive carefully. Driving skill is progressed slowly and behaves majorly on the center of gravity control. Eswing also maintain balance status under no load, there will be a forward trend until it reaches its maximum speed and fall down.

5. Riding Skill

1) The maximum speed of this vehicle is 18KM/H。

2) Driving: slightly lean forward, the car is moving forward; lean back, stop or backward motion.  Action must be gentle, avoid rude fierce shake; turn the handle right, the vehicle goes right; similarly, that is to turn left.

3) Parking: control the speed until the stop, the hands hold the handle, the first single leg off the pedal backwards on the ground, stand to the feet, and then turn off the switch. When people on the vehicle, do not turn off the switch!

4) Turn: slow down and the steering angle should not be too large; turn the body accordingly.

5) Downhill: vehicle going downhill, the speed should not be too fast, slow down, and keep the center of gravity backward.

6) The wheel got stuck: when hear abnormal noise inside the vehicle, don't try to force through, the motor is in high load output state, the motor and the controller will soon heat up and cause burning.

7) The initial forward with the force of the feet thrust can give a quick start, and power consumption is lower than normal start.

6. Placement techniques

1) When you need to have a temporary park, park the balance of vehicle ahead of the goods that can stop it from forwarding. For long time parking, turn off the power switch, then lay down the parking stand, the balance of the car can be firmly fixed.

2) Turn off the power switch when vehicle in storage, transport or not in use

7. Force majeure factor

1) Drive the balance Vehicle is similar to driving a car. Need to prepare in advance and pay attention to the road.

2) Avoid obstacles:  if forced to collide, the balance of the vehicle will overload and be easy to damage.

3) When in water, turn off the vehicle switch immediately and do not drive again when the problem is not pinpointed. It will only complicate the problem.

4) The balance vehicle weighs about 45 kg. Under the condition of no power, it can also be pushed back home easily. Please contact us for technical support when in trouble.

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