Please keep the warranty and proof of purchase (i.e., receipt).

Limited warranty:

No. Parts Names Warranty Period Warranty
1 Battery 1 Year Dismantle damage the battery plug-in, the use of other chargers, water and other no warranty. Human factors cause the battery damage not covered under warranty.
2 Motor and Reducer 6 Months Disassemble, water, shock and other serious human damage no warranty.
3 Control Systems 6 Months Disassemble, modify, wading damage not covered under warranty.
4 Charger 6 Months Disassemble, wading, missing parts, damage to other vehicle charging the warranty.
5 Direction Lever 6 Months Modification, bending, impact, surface scratches, missing parts, other man-made damage not covered under warranty.
6 The Hand 6 Months Artificially damaged broken, scratched and so on man-made damage not covered under warranty.
7 Pedal 6 Months Abnormal use, man-made damage or alteration, damage caused by improper use will void your warranty.
8 Tire 1 Year Cracks, leaks, etc. covered by warranty.
9 Wheel 1 Year Appeared wheels trachoma, leaks, etc. covered by warranty.
10 Bodywork 6 Months No collision occurs paint, weld sealing off phenomenon occurs under warranty.

The warranty will not be covered under the following conditions:

1. Malfunction due to misuse

2. Malfunction caused by unauthorized modifications, disassembling, or repair.

3. Accidental damage or malfunction due to unsuitable storage

4. Unmatched warranty/proof of purchase and product

5. Surface damages

6. Disassembling parts unspecified by this manual.

7. Damage or malfunction caused by long rides in the rain or soaking in water

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